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Dave Hernandez 

Spillover Software Group Welcomes Kress Childs as Channel Account Manager 

AUSTIN, TX., 2/23/2022 - Spillover, the restaurants industry’s leading platform for “easy to use” digital marketing tools, today announced Kress Childs as its’ new Channel Account and Territory Sales Manager.   

Prior to joining Spillover, Childs worked in several senior sales roles across multiple industries as well as serving as a Training Specialist at Ben E. Keith.  Indeed, Kress worked in many sales roles while with Ben E. Keith from Sales Rep to District Sales Manager and National Account Manager.  His 12+ years at Ben E. Keith along with his years as a restaurant owner prior to joining Ben E. Keith gives Childs a unique view on the hospitality industry.   

In his new role, Childs will manage the San Antonio Division for Spillover, which covers Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio from a direct sales perspective as well as taking a broader corporate responsibility for the overall relationship with Spillover’s Partner, Ben E. Keith. 

"Kress has built a career in helping restaurant owners be more successful," said Ali Murdoch, CEO of Spillover. "Having him on our team will give us a new perspective on what to deliver to our restaurant partners as well as a deeper understanding of how we can better support Ben E. Keith and their sales teams in the field." 

"Having spent 20+ working with restaurants, I know the struggle owners have had with technology and I have seen how Spillover is one of the few companies out there with a true interest in helping restaurant operators succeed," said Childs. "In looking for a new opportunity, I had specific goals in mind and Spillover has not only created a great software solution with great services, they also have a great work life balance.  I was particularly impressed with the new ENGAGE dashboard and the fact that the restaurant owner can easily manage all of his digital marketing activity from one central location.” 

About Spillover 
Headquartered in Austin, TX, Spillover Software Group helps local restaurants of all types across the United States grow and communicate to their customer base by providing an industry leading digital marketing solution.  Founded in 2004, the company offers restaurants a single sign on dashboard to control all of their digital marketing software including manage their website, online ordering, eCommerce, email, ”Set & Forget” automation, data capture, and numerous social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Yelp.  Spillover is committed to providing the restaurant owners with the most user-friendly, easy to use software in the industry.  For more information, visit  

Dave Hernandez 

Kress Childs  


SOURCE: Spillover Marketing, copyright Spillover Software Group LLC, 2022.