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Q. What has a Penguin on a skateboard, a cheeseburger and Artificial Intelligence all got in common?

A. They are all part of Spillovers latest cool new feature to help restaurants with their internet marketing, of course!

Spillover is always trying to improve its solution for our customers and last year this included the launch of a comprehensive Media Library; a central location where a restaurant customer can store any pictures they have, whether they are ones they take themselves, ones they get from an organized photoshoot or through access to a library of stock images provided by Spillover when they launch.

The restaurant can then use this central repository of pictures throughout the Internet Marketing platform, on their website, with their marketing emails, social media posts and even in the recently added Blogs feature on their website. Basically, wherever they want to communicate a marketing message.

We thought that was pretty useful all on its own, but like many companies we have been thinking about how we could best introduce some Artificial Intelligence (AI) benefits to our solution set, and we decided that a very neat feature would be to allow our customers create their own images of just about anything using an AI generator that works from a textual description of the requirement.

Think of it as your magic picture genie.

Now you can match your latest communication idea with the correct pictorial by simply creating it, and you can do this within the Media Library or when you are in the process of writing any of your marketing messages, and save it in the library for future use.

Let's say you don't have a great photo of your cheeseburger to hand, no issue, just have the AI genie conjure one up…

Or you want to post to social media about a Penguin on a skateboard. Safe to assume that you don’t have a picture for that one, but just ask the genie and voila!

Whatever your campaign concept, Spillover customers can now create their own unique images and will be instantly licensed to use them in social media, email campaigns, blogs or even on their own websites.

It just requires the imagination to ask the AI system and within seconds a picture is generated. If you don’t like the first one that’s no problem, ask the AI system to try again as you get more than three wishes from the Spillover genie. You are sure to find a picture that matches your story or theme.

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