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Text Marketing

Enhance your marketing initiatives with mobile messaging.

Text Marketing:
Engage Your Customers Instantly

  • Automated messaging for customer engagement
  • Seamless integration with the Spillover ENGAGE platform
  • Segment texts to unique customer lists
  • 250 free outbound messages per month with the Internet Marketing Package
  • Collect opt-ins via webforms or online ordering
  • Customizable messages for various customer milestones
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In the dynamic world of restaurant marketing, direct communication with customers is key. Text marketing offers a powerful tool to instantly connect and engage with your audience. Whether it's promoting a new dish or sharing a special offer, text messages deliver your content directly to customers' hands.

Spillover's Mobile Text Marketing solution, integrated within the ENGAGE dashboard, simplifies this process. It allows for the creation of targeted, personalized messages that resonate with your audience. Discover how our automated messaging system can enhance your marketing strategy and customer relations.

Key Features of Text Marketing

  • Automated Messages
    Schedule messages for special occasions, promotions, or customer milestones. Create a consistent and timely communication strategy with ease.
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  • Customizable Messaging
    Tailor your messages to suit different customer segments. Personalized communication enhances customer experience and loyalty.
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  • Easy Opt-In Collection
    Grow your contact list effortlessly with webforms and online ordering systems. Engage a wider audience with your marketing campaigns.
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  • ENGAGE Dashboard Integration
    Manage all your mobile messages alongside other marketing channels within the Spillover ENGAGE platform for a unified strategy.
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