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When you hear the term “geo-target advertising", you might feel a little intimidated by the seeming technicality of it. We, at Spillover are here to help dispel these scary connotations for you and your restaurant.  

Geo-targeting an audience is nothing more than setting up parameters in an advertisement that define who sees it by their location. The parameter can be set as wide as by a region or state, or more focussed by a city or zip code or whatever geographical breakdown you can think of. It’s quite simple really. It is a way to ensure that residents or people within a certain geographical location know about your restaurant and its offerings.  

The Proof is in the Data-Puddling 

Ads that are specialized to a particular city, town, or event increase customer loyalty. In a recent survey taken by Celtra in June of 2021, “Localized creative ads drive consumer loyalty: 64% have more loyalty to restaurants with localized creative content focused on a specific region or current events.” 

Effectively Connect with Your Customers 

This is where your restaurant has the potential to connect with its’ locals in a big way. By creating relatable advertisements that are specific to a region or event, it gives your customers a way to personally relate to your restaurant, thereby emphasizing that you are part of their community and creating an opportunity to connect at a much deeper level. 

An example could be:  

  • If you know your locals love UT football and conversely hate Notre Dame, advertise that you will not only be showing the upcoming game but create specials that coincide with it that support the key themes of love of the longhorns along with some gentle “Irish bashing”.  All of course in good fun! 

Examples of local opportunities to utilize when planning your geo-targeted ads are: 

  • Sports teams 

  • Local traditions 

  • Local events 

  • Holidays and local activities that uniquely support that day 

  • School appreciation  

  • Companies and businesses near your restaurant 

  • Achievements by locals (Olympic participation, recipients of national awards, recent celebrities spotted in the vicinity) 

Get Creative When Connecting 

Planning your localized ads can be a fun way to get more customers and to ensure loyalty with existing ones. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about what they are looking for in a restaurant when creating the ads.  

I’m Super Busy and Don’t Have Time for Marketing 

If you’re a busy restaurant owner without any time to plan out your marketing, that’s no problem. We’ve got your back. Spillover offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions that make your marketing a breeze. 
For more information on our digital marketing solutions, book a free demo with us here. 


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